Baby Care Tips For All Parents

Baby Care Tips For All Parents

Even if you already have a baby, there are some good and helpful tips to follow to give your child the best care you can. One of the most important things to remember when raising a child, even a second or third child, is that all children are unique individuals. Naturally they all need to be treated accordingly, as their needs and personalities differ.

So, even if you thought you knew everything you need to know about raising children simply because you have already done it before – or even if  perhaps you are a complete newbie to the game, always consider taking all the advice you can get – you learn something every day!

When it comes to newborn hygiene, only sponge bathe your baby until the umbilical cord falls off. This may take one to two weeks after birth. Only after that you can bathe your infant in a baby bath or a normal bath tub. It is crucial that you remember to never leave your baby unattended, especially
while in the water. By no means are you ever to leave him or her to play splashy while you are out of the room. It does not take much water for a baby to  drown in. Another danger is a slippery bath that could cause serious injury to your baby. It is always best to finish bathing baby first, before you take a moment for that quick smoke break or to check the telly for the latest score, before your other half comes home from the shop!

If you are a parent to your first newborn you will not be expected to know everything just yet, but make sure you are aware of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and the different circumstances that may contribute to this terrible fate. Google is your friend, friends! Make sure you do proper research to make sure you  do everything in your power to prevent this from happening to your baby. It is important to know things like the following – that male babies, for instance, are more prone
to SIDS than female babies, that premature babies obviously are also more likely to fall victim to it. Even babies of young, single mothers are generally at a  higher risk than other babies.There are may steps you can take to prevent SIDS. Small precautions, like making sure your child falls asleep on his or her back, and that there aren’t too many blankets or stuffed animals in the crib with your baby. This could cause suffocation or smothering.

Seek as much information as you can gather about child care if you are a new parent, especially when you don’t know what to expect after your baby is born.

Make sure you have a good support system as well, so that you will have access to the wisdom of other parents and the methods that have worked for them.

That way, you will be a lot less nervous and feel far more in control of your duties as a parent. And a calm and confident parent makes for a happy baby.

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