Baby Care Tips – Your baby’s Health care

Baby Care Tips – Your baby’s Health care.

Many people, especially the « older » generations, have their own advice and ideas of baby care – we have all heard the phrase « in my day.. »  before a horrid list of methods they used to utilize when they didn’t know any better about more sensitive child care options. Here are some of our, more modern, ideas of what you can do to improve your baby’s health care.

As had been the norm for years now, some people still use Vaseline jelly for their baby’s skin as a moisturizer, mainly to prevent rashes, chafing of diapers, etc.,but modern day research suggest that petrochemicals aren’t at all suitable for use on babies as their skin is still in a developing stage and it could be harmful. Looking for more gentle products as the alternative in care, it would be preferable to use Aquaphor for  diaper rashes and dry skin, for example, which could be safer for your baby’s skin and will result in better baby care in general. Always remember, when it comes to your baby’s skin – gentle does it.

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If you’re a new parent and panicking about how to hold your newborn, hopefully knowing that it does not entail anything regarding holding them by the hands  and feet or dangling them by the head, always be very gentle with your baby, especially if it’s a newborn. A baby’s neck muscles are still extremely fragile. This fact must be considered with much care when holding your child. The best way to go about holding a baby by giving it linear support from head to bottom.

Support should be given along the lower back/bottom and especially behind the neck and head. A cradle position is always the best and safest way to go, allowing the entire body to rest on your arms, tucked against your body.This is the best position in which to achieve all-round support of their entire body.

Very important, is to take note not to ever let the baby’s head fall back as it could cause permanent damage to the neck and spine, or severely injure their neck muscles
for life.

When putting your baby to sleep it is important to make sure they are sleeping on their backs as it greatly minimizes the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). As insisted on by pediatricians, the latter comes from the danger that arises when infants sleep on their stomach, whereby they either
lack proper delivery of oxygen or don not get exhale enough carbon dioxcide. In essence they are then, « rebreathing » the air between the bed and their faces. In addition, certain parts of a baby’s brain are still undeveloped, therefore disabling such reflexes as waking up when in danger of suffocation, so it is safest to always place your baby on their back

when putting them to bed to prevent such incidents. Rather safe than sorry, does it everytime!
We know how frustrating it can be when a baby cries until your ears ring, but don’t ever shake your infant for any reason whatsoever. Not only can it cause serious and permanent brain damage, but such a shock to baby’s system could cause imminent death that could occur at any moment. Rather take a moment to relax than to suffer these consequences and all will be well when bedtime comes.

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