Baby Safety At Home

Baby Safety At Home

Before your baby is born, childproof your home and keep in mind that maintaining safety becomes more challenging when they start moving about the place. Prepare yourself for the safety of your rapidly learning and eagerly moving baby by childproofing especially their nursery, the kitchen and the bathroom.

There are many helpful tools available if you prefer to do it yourself or cannot afford to get a professional to do it for you. Although, if you can afford to hire a professional it would be wiser to pursue that avenue rather, so that you would have peace of mind that it was done properly and professionally.

Safety gates are a very important and popular idea, and is a big factor in baby safety. A safety gate provides a safe zone for your baby to move and play around in without the risk of them getting hurt. Make sure that your safety gate has no hazardous gaps and openings, has narrower slot spacing, no finger and toe holes and no hazardous top edge protrusions that could cut or stab your baby. All safety gates should also be able to endure impacts without dislodging or breaking.

When childproofing your home, there are a few easy home safety tips to follow:

– Make sure there are no dangling or loose electrical wires. Any loose wiring can be insulated with insulation tape.

– Arrange and secure hanging table cloths to be out of reach of your baby, especially if there is something hot, heavy or sharp on top of it.

– You could use plastic edge protectors to protect your baby from sharp edges like knives or even to cover the sharp corners of furniture. Keeping things like knives and needles completely out of reach of your baby obviously goes without saying, but remember to see the danger in all object that could present similar hazards.

– If you have blinds, make sure all the cords are placed on the windowsill against the window so that your baby cannot pull it off.

– Keep all medication, utensils, alcohol, poisonous and cleaning products out of reach of your baby at all times by making sure that cupboards are locked or placed high up where baby cannot reach.

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